Quality Control

One of the key tenets of Arcrite Engineering’s business philosophy is the production and dissemination of quality products and services.

Arcrite has been a fully accredited ISO 9001:2008 company since 2011. A copy of their Quality Manual is available on request.

All products fabricated in Arcrite’s manufacturing process is underwritten by its own unique Quality Control Plan (QCP). This plan covers the quality control of all the activities associated with a particular component, ensuring a paper trail that includes everything from material certificates to a record of the human resources involved in a particular aspect of the manufacturing process. The QCP is started before commencement of fabrication and updated throughout the process, to the point of final acceptance and handover to the client. As such, each job comes with a “data pack”, specifying the materials, procedures, drawings, revisions and modifications that a product underwent in the manufacturing life cycle.

In line with their own quality standards, Arcrite fabricates in accordance with the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Handbook, as well as the SANS 2001 CS1:2005 Construction Works.

All welders employed by Arcrite are qualified and coded with all company-specific procedures.