Screw Conveyors

Arcrite Engineering manufactures screw conveyor systems in trough and auger type assemblies for the agricultural industry, food industry and mining industry. They are used to convey materials such as grains, granules, minerals, boiler ash and coal.

These screw conveyors are available in sectional or helicoid flights, in stainless steel, mild steel, 3CR12, and wear-resistant plates (bennox, roqtuf, VRN etc.). 

Arcrite offers complete screw conveyor design and manufacture, as well components sales of loose flighting, helicoid lengths, screw shafts, troughs, hanger bearings, and stub shafts.

  • Metering Feeders

    Arcrite's range of metering feeders are designed to accurately and efficiently process a variety of dry products, from granules to woodchips, powders and pellets.

  • sectional scew conveyor flight arcrite engineering cape town

    Sectional Flights

    Sectional flights are less standardised in terms of material thickness, pitch, material type and diameter than the helicoid flights, offering a larger product range.

  • Arcrite Engineering Screw Conveyors Flights Helicoid Helicoids flights fliting

    Helicoid Continuous Flights

    Helicoid flights are formed in a continuous helix in 3m section lengths.