Management and Production Team

Arcrite comprises a team of highly-skilled technical and production people that work together in a seamlessly integrated way to ensure that the company’s output is of the highest quality at all times.

In his capacity as managing director, Dale Millar oversees the work of both the technical and production teams, guiding the workflow and processes of the teams’ combined efforts.

The technical team, referred to internally as the “drawing office”, consists of four top-qualified people with the relevant tertiary qualifications in mechanical engineering. The drawing office is responsible for all the design work, draughting, procurement, quality control and assurance, as well as overall project management.

The production team, under leadership of a workshop foreman, is responsible for materialising and fabricating the work of the technical team. This team of 24, which includes welders, boilermakers, operators, sheet metal workers and general workers, are all skilled craftsmen with decades of combined experience.