Production Capabilities

A dynamic combination of industrial-size and custom machinery and equipment means Arcrite Engineering is uniquely positioned to serve a variety of industries and clients.

In addition to the company’s human capital expertise, Arcrite boasts the following production capabilities:

  • 1200m2 covered production workshop space
  • 200m2 administrative and office space
  • 600m2  uncovered yard space, of which 500m2 has a 200mm thick concrete slab for assembly and dry commissioning of projects

Lifting equipment

  • 10 tonne electric cross travel crane
  • 5 tonne electric cross travel crane
  • 3 tonne electric fixed beam crane
  • 4 tonne forklift
  • 3 tonne mobile manual crane

Essential plant equipment

  • 8mm x 3m hydraulic plate guillotines
  • 160T x 3m press brakes
  • 10mm x 2.4m plate bending rolls
  • Profile cutters
  • Hydraulic shearing and punching machines
  • Polishing equipment
  • Welding machinery 

Fabrication equipment

  • Cutting, bending and punching equipment
  • 8mm x 3.0m Hydraulic plate guillotine
  • 160T x 3.0m HELI hydraulic press brake
  • 20T x 1.5m HELI hydraulic press brake
  • 80t MAGNUM Dual Cylinder Shearing and Punching Machine

Rolling equipment

  • 12mm x 2.4m MG plate rolls with pre-bending capabilities
  • 3mm x 2.0m Sahinler plate rolls with pre-bending capabilities
  • 6mm x 1.3m Plate Rolls
  • 80T ACL Section Rolls for on edge rolling of flats and angles for flanges

Welding equipment 

Arcrite has the following welding machinery whereby they can perform TIG, MIG, SMAW, Fluxcore as well as spot welding techniques:

  • 3x Lincoln Mig Welder C/W SB10 enclosed feeder
  • 2x Unipower Welder NBC 500 C/W SB10 enclosed feeder
  • 500A Miller Arc Welder
  • Inverter Matweld 200 Amp
  • Spot welder
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