Arcrite Engineering specializes in the manufacture of high-quality steel and stainless steel products, the company also offers complete turnkey operations, from design & computer aided drafting to specialized manufacturing and commissioning.

  • ribbon blender stainless steel arcrite enginering

    Blending Equipment

    Supplying the argricultural and food (particularly spice) industries, Arcrite has earned a reputation as a blending equipment supplier of choice. Blenders can be manufactured according to unique client specifications. 

  • Arcrite Engineering Screw Conveyors Flights Helicoid Helicoids

    Screw Conveyors

    Arcrite Engineering manufactures screw conveyor systems in trough and auger type assemblies for the agricultural industry, food industry and mining industry. They are used to convey materials such as grains, granules, minerals, boiler ash and coal.

    These screw conveyors are available in...

  • Arcrite Engineering belt Conveyors Materials Handling

    Materials Handling Equipment

    Arcrite Engineering is a prominent manufacturer of materials handling equipment for a variety of industries, including mining, pharmaceutical, as well as the food and industrial processing indsutries. Made to the exact or unique specifications of clients, Arcrite ensures that all their materials...

  • Arcrite Engineering x-ray welding pressure vessels piping pipe petro-chemical

    Pipework & Pressure Accessories

    Welding procedures available for piping materials carbon steel and stainless steell comply to International Standards.

    The manufacture and production process is maintained and monitored by third party AIA's certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

    All non-destructive testing (...

  • Architectural and Construction

    Using structural steel as the main component Arcrite designs and manufactures a range of architectural and construction products in applications that vary from staircases to balustrades, street furniture, sheds and more. All construction and architectural products are custom designed to the...

  • Arcrite engineering mining equipment tanks

    Specialized Equipment

    Arcrite Engineering manufactures various specializied equipment as per the requirements of their clients specific needs.

    We have the skill and capabilities are manufacturing and assembling the most intricate of equipment, from large mining plants to simple chutes.

    Every effort is...