Belt Conveyors

With various uses in the industrial and agricultural industries, Arcrite manufactures Belt Conveyors using stainless or mild steel. These carrying mediums can be made in a variety of material thicknesses, dependent on the specifications of the client and the particular use of the conveyor.

Arcrite offers an array of belt conveyor products specifically designed to best meet client needs:

Troughing belt conveyors

Throughing belt conveyors are primarily designed for the efficient conveying of bulk materials at high tonnage per hour over long distances. They are limited to gradual inclines, but require extremely low maintenance.

Typical examples of bulk materials using troughing belt conveyors include:

  • Ore metals
  • Building rubble
  • Sand
  • Coal

Bent-up belt over idler conveyors

Bent-up belt over idler conveyors are designed for bulk materials at medium tonnage per hour (25 to 100 tons/hour), over shorter distances (12m max).

Typical examples of bulk materials using bent-up belt over idler conveyors include:

  • Fertiliser prills
  • Wine grape pomace/marc

Mobile pipe stacking conveyor

These conveyors ae designed for stock-piling of bulk materials in warehouses and can have adjustable top pulley heights. They usually range from 6 to 15m in length and are moved by means of tractor or wheel loader.

Typical examples of bulk materials using mobile pipe stacking conveyors include:

  • Fertiliser prills
  • Sand
  • Spices

Bag stacking conveyor

These versatile conveyors are used for stacking bags of up to 50kg in mass and are mainly used in warehouses or for loading trucks. They are available in variable lengths, and have adjustable heights to meet your desired packing height.

Typical examples of stacking bags using bag stacking conveyors include:

  • Cement bags
  • Sand bags
  • Seed Bags
  • Coffee bags
  • Fertiliser bags
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