Ribbon Blenders

Arcrite pride's itself as being one of the leading manufacturer's of Ribbon Blenders in South Africa.

Ribbon Blenders are possibly the most versatile and widely used mixer and can be used for an extensive range of products from dry to paste.

The Arcrite Ribbon Blender is an economically designed machine capable of providing years of low maintenance mixing with its original reverse spiral double ribbon design.

Ribbon blenders are used for mixing spices, cake mixes, seasoning, flavouring, gelatin, to name but a few applications in the food industry which can speed up mix times and provide consistent uniformity.

Our mixers are also extensively used in the industrial mixing industries for animal feed, colour pigments, fertilizers, etc.

Our standard Ribbon Blender models range in capacity from 100L to 8 000L, but are not restricted to these capacities and can be designed to meet our clients produciton requirements.

We offer the blenders in a host of different materials of construction including mild steel, stainless steel and exotic alloys.

Our clients have a wide range of of gate / discharge options, including slide gates; drop-bottom doors; dump style; manual or air operated.

These mixers also comes with many optional accessories including; air purgesd shaft seals; variable speed drives; soft starts; inspections doors & limit switches.

Below is a list of our standard range (for spice mixing):

Process Volume Process mass  Gross Volume Power Speed
100 Litres 75 kg 150 Litres 1.1 kW 90 rpm
150 Litres 100 kg 200 Litres 1.5 kW 85 rpm
250 Litres 200 kg 350 Litres 2.2 kW 80 rpm
350 Litres 250 kg 500 Litres 3 kW 65 rpm
500 Litres 350 kg 700 Litres 5.5 kW 56 rpm
750 Litres 500 kg 1050 Litres 7.5 kW 52 rpm
1000 Litres 750 kg 1400 Litres 11 kW 45 rpm
1250 Litres 1000 kg 1850 Litres 15 kW 42 rpm
2500 Litres 2000 kg 3500 Litres 30 kW 33 rpm
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