Vertical Fountain Mixers

The manufacturing of vertical fountain blenders for the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics and injection moulding industries is one of Arcrite's key competencies.

There are virtually no limitations on the size of the silos. 

Arcrite vertical mixers are capable of processing a wide variety of product consistencies and are ideally suited to almost any mixing operation. The rotating helix conveys the product upwards, along the vessel side wall. From here, it drops down into the center and thus once again joins the mixing process. Horizontally arranged connection bridges provide additional cross mixing. This results in greatly reduced mixing times compared to other systems. Depending on the agitator rotation speed and design, gentle folding or intensive mixing can be carried out. The bearing of the self-centering helix is mounted outside of the mixing chamber. These vertical mixers are ideally suited to processes where high purity and effective cleaning are required. The vessel shape also supports quick and optimal discharge.

Our vertical fountain mixers are avaliable with a ribbon agitator or centre screw auger, depending on the application.

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